Injuries On The Job Not Covered By Workers' Comp

The first workers’ compensation law was passed in Georgia in 1920. This law is intended to give employees coverage in the case of an on-the-job accident, which can involve a sudden injury or a long-term illness developing over time due to a repetitive use or chronic exposure. When proven eligible, workers’ comp can provide coverage for medical care, ongoing rehabilitation and even lost wages in some situations.

Workers’ compensation can be used in the majority of job-site injury cases. However, there are certain circumstances in which workers’ compensation cannot be used, either due to the type of accident or injury or because the worker was not covered when hired. According to Georgia law, every business is obligated to provide workers’ compensation to their employees if they employ more than three workers. This even applies to a regular part-time employee. Unfortunately, there are some classes of workers that are typically not eligible for workers’ comp. These include independent contractors, railroad employees and farm laborers whose employer has not elected coverage.

At Burnside Law Firm, we have a skilled and experienced team of attorneys who understand how to fight for your rights if your injuries are not covered under the Georgia workers’ compensation law. We will work tirelessly to pursue ways to recover your losses and hold the guilty party accountable. Defending a case that does not fall under traditional workers’ comp coverage demands professional legal help. It requires assistance from a strategic attorney who understands workers’ compensation laws as well as the laws that govern premises liability and personal injury cases.

What Type of Injuries Are Not Covered Under Workers’ Comp?

Most, but not all job-related injuries are covered by workers’ comp. In fact, there are some specific situations that exclude an employee from obtaining coverage from workers’ comp, regardless of the severity of the injuries. Workers’ compensation does not cover employees who were:

  • Intoxicated or under the influence of drugs at time of injury
  • Engaging in a willful attack against a person for personal reasons or self-inflicting an injury
  • Committing a crime or participating in unlawful activities during the job-site injury
  • Not performing work duties or not on the job at the time of injury
  • Violating company policies or neglecting safety rules during an accident

Burnside Law Firm Represents Injured Workers

If you are an employee who has recently suffered a personal injury, it is important that you carefully research your rights and your employer’s obligations for coverage. An experienced attorney can help you do that. Whether you need help proving that your injury should be covered under workers’ comp or you want to file a claim for an injury not covered, Burnside Law Firm can assist you. We have deep knowledge of the laws that surround personal injury cases as well as those involving premises liability. Contact our Augusta law office today to schedule your consultation.