Broken Stairs/Unmarked Step Downs

Broken Stairs/Unmarked Step Downs Injury Lawyer

Stair injuries are common, but many can be prevented. A study in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine, published in 2017, reported an average of over a million stair injuries each year in the U.S., with an increase in stair injuries in recent years. Their conclusion was that prevention efforts should be a priority, which is also our belief at Burnside Law Firm. We represent those that are injured due to broken or faulty stairs, and those who sustain injuries when step downs are dangerously left unmarked.

Property owners are responsible for ensuring their structures are safe for anyone using them. Stairways with broken rails, loose step treads or other risky elements can easily cause an accident. Both residential and commercial property owners need to avoid allowing anyone to use unsafe stairs on their property until they can be properly repaired. It is also important to alert anyone on the property of a step down that can cause a fall hazard by marking the step appropriately. When someone is injured due to a failure to repair stairs or post warnings for tripping hazards, the property owner may be liable to pay for the injuries that occur on their premises.

Dangerous Stairwells Can Cause Serious Injuries

Any fall on a stairwell can cause serious injury. Whether you fall down several steps or trip on an unmarked step down, it can result in fractures, sprains/strains, head injuries and other maladies. When these injuries could have been prevented, it makes them more tragic. If a property owner knowingly has a dangerous stairwell or hazardous step down that is accessible, they can be liable for any injuries that occur and may need to pay compensation to the victims.

A fall on broken stairs or an unmarked step down can result in many expenses for you or a loved one. At Burnside Law Firm, we can assist our clients who have medical costs, lost time from work, suffering and other expenses from stair injuries get the compensation they deserve. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation with one of our legal team members to explore your options if you have sustained a preventable stair injury.