Falling Merchandise

Falling Merchandise Injury Lawyers

When you shop at large warehouse or home improvement stores, do you ever feel concerned about the amount of merchandise that is stacked high above your head? Many of these large stores have an extensive inventory that is stored on high shelving to maximize the vertical space and save on warehousing costs. However, if that merchandise is not properly secured, it can cause serious injury to both employees and customers. If you have been injured due to falling merchandise, you could be eligible for compensation through a premises liability claim.

Falling merchandise can cause serious injury, particularly to the head and neck of the victim. Often there is no time to protect yourself, as it can happen so fast and with such force that injury is inevitable. Precariously stacked items, even those that are not large or heavy, can tumble down in large quantities, causing injuries. This type of negligence puts anyone in the store at risk, especially small children. The owners of the business can be liable for any injuries that occur. They may need to pay compensation for medical care, lost wages, pain, suffering and other costs of the injury.

Have You Been Injured Due to Unsecured Merchandise?

If you or a loved one have been injured due to falling or unsecured merchandise, you should not need to pay for the expenses of this injury. It is the responsibility of the business owner to provide a safe environment for customers and employees, including securing merchandise properly. A premises liability claim can be pursued that can provide compensation to victims of these types of preventable accidents, which our team at Burnside Law Firm can facilitate on your behalf.

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