Electrocution Injuries

Electrocution Injuries Lawyer

The world we live in is powered by electricity, yet most people pass through it without ever being harmed by the currents that are flowing all around them. Due to the volatility of electricity, extreme caution must be used to protect any contact with these currents. When the proper safety measures are not used, electrical injuries or even death from electrocution can occur. At Burnside Law Firm, we can help victims of electrocution injuries pursue compensation when negligent electrical accidents occur.

While most electrocution injuries occur on the job, electricity is everywhere as are the possible hazards. If the right safety precautions are not followed, an electrical current can stray from its confines and spread to nearby metal or other conductors. If the voltage is high enough, the touch of a finger can cause extreme injury or death. It is the responsibility of property owners and power companies to ensure that these currents are not accessible to unsuspecting victims. Thousands of people are injured every year from electricity, and often these accidents are preventable.

Have You Been Electrocuted Due to Another’s Negligence?

If you have sustained an electrical burn injury or lost a loved one to electrocution, you could be eligible for compensation. Electrical hazards on premises are the responsibility of the property owner. If it is determined that the property owner created the electrical hazard or knew about the hazard, yet did not fix it, they can be liable for any injuries or deaths. They can also be liable even if they did not know that it existed, if the electrical hazard was accessible for a long period of time and should have been discovered.

Electrical injuries and electrocutions are complex matters when it comes to personal injury laws. Determining whether negligence occurred and by whom, is an important part of the process when pursuing compensation for injury in these cases. Our team at Burnside Law Firm has over forty years of combined experience representing our clients for personal injury claims, so you can trust our expertise. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your electrocution accident and the possibility of pursuing compensation.