Assaults and Shootings

Assaults and Shootings Lawyer

Those that are the victim of a shooting or assault are often twice the victim. The perpetrator of the crime and the property owner where the assault happened may both be to blame for the injuries that occurred. It is the responsibility of those that own apartment buildings, restaurants, bars and other facilities to provide safe, secure environments for those on their property. If you have been the victim of a shooting or assault that occurred while on a commercial property, you may have a premises liability claim against the owner of that property.

It is not a coincidence that certain places of business have more assaults or shootings than others. When there is not adequate security, these places attract criminals that feel confident they can commit attacks without being stopped or caught. It is a tragedy when someone is shot or assaulted. This is especially true when it could have been prevented with something as simple as improved lighting, cameras or heightened security at an apartment building, bar, restaurant, hotel or other place of business.

Have You or a Loved One Been Shot or Assaulted?

If you have been injured in a shooting/assault or lost a loved one in a similar attack, you may be facing extensive trauma and financial burdens. Medical costs, lost wages, pain/suffering and other expenses, both monetary and personally, can be part of the compensation that you deserve for your injury or loss. It is possible that the property owner where the crime was perpetrated is partially to blame. This is if they did not provide adequate security and safety to prevent the attack or shooting.

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