Apartment/Hotel Rapes or Attacks

Apartment/Hotel Rapes or Attacks Lawyer

Unsafe conditions at an apartment building or hotel can make it a desirable place for criminals. Dark stairwells and unsecured entrances can allow the wrong people to frequent a property, putting those that live or stay at these places in danger. If you have been raped or attacked at your apartment building or a hotel in the Atlanta, Augusta or Athens area, the property’s owner may be partially liable for your injuries. Our team at Burnside Law Firm can help determine whether your injury may have been prevented with better care of the property by the owner. We will help you to get appropriate compensation for your premises liability claim.

Those who perpetuate attack crimes look for areas that are dark and unsecured. They seek places that they can hide and surprise their victim without being caught or interrupted. If you were attacked or raped due to these types of circumstances, it is not your fault. You were at the wrong place at the wrong time. The people to blame are the attacker and possibly the property owner for not providing a safe environment for tenants.

Hotel and Apartment Owners Have a Responsibility to Ensure Your Safety

While the owner of the apartment building or hotel may not have committed the attack crime that caused your injury, it is their responsibility to create a safe environment. Ensuring you can safely come and go from the building is a part of their job. When circumstances are allowed that create an opportunity for attackers to perpetuate their crimes, it can be considered the property owner’s fault. Hotel and apartment owners are expected to provide a reasonable amount of security to protect those that are on their property.

If you have been attacked or raped in a parking lot, stairwell or dark hallway at an apartment building or hotel, you may have a premises liability claim against the property’s owner. Contact our team at Burnside Law Firm for a free consultation to learn more about pursuing your case to possibly receive compensation for your injuries.