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Verdicts and Settlements

The attorneys at Burnside Law Firm LLP have over 30 years of collective experience handling personal injury claims. Over that time, we have helped hundreds of injured people recover the compensation they deserve and need in order to begin putting their lives back together. This list is just a sample of the recoveries we have obtained for some of our clients here and during our time at our former firm, Burnside Wall LLP. Obviously, success in obtaining significant judgments and settlements for other clients is no guarantee of success in your case. Each case must be evaluated and handled based on the individual merits of that particular case. To discuss the facts of your case and learn more about your legal rights, contact one of the personal injury attorneys at Burnside Law Firm LLP for a free initial consultation.

Type of Case Judgment or Settlement
Medical Malpractice / Head Injury $4,500,000 settlement
Pharmacy & Prescription Error $1,800,000 settlement
Medical Malpractice / Anesthesia Injury $1,600,000 settlement
Auto Accident / Multiple Fractures $1,250,000 judgment
Auto Accident / Wrongful Death $1,000,000 settlement
Dram Shop / Wrongful Death $1,000,000 settlement
Medical Malpractice / Surgical Error $800,000 settlement
Auto Collision / Wrongful Death $600,000 settlement
Medical Malpractice / IV Infiltration $525,000 settlement
Long Term Disability / ERISA Appeal $500,000 settlement
Auto Insurance Claim $500,000 judgment
Medical malpractice / Failure to Diagnose $475,000 settlement
Premises Liability / Wrongful Death $350,000 settlement
Medical Malpractice / IV Infiltration $300,000 settlement
Premises Liability / Burns $300,000 settlement
Medical Malpractice / Thyroid Surgery $275,00 settlement
Premises Liability / Head Injury $275,000 judgment
Motorcycle Accident / Speeding $250,000 settlement
Motorcycle Accident / Burns $250,000 settlement
Auto Accident / Fractures $250,000 settlement
Auto Collision / Fractures $250,000 settlement
Medical Malpractice / IV Infiltration $200,000 settlement
Drunk Driver $180,000 settlement
Auto Accident $175,000 settlement
Trucking Collision $175,000 settlement
Pharmacy Error $175,000 settlement
Auto Collision / Head Injury $150,000 settlement
Medical Malpractice / Failure to Diagnose $130,000 settlement
Trucking Accident / Multiple Fractures $112,500 settlement
Auto Accident / Rear End Collision $100,000 judgment
Pharmacy Error $100,000 settlement
Auto Accident / Drunk Driver $100,000 settlement
Auto accident / Texting $100,000 settlement
Premises Liability / Slip and fall $100,000 settlement
Motorcycle accident / Head injury $100,000 settlement