Augusta Class Action Litigation Lawyers

Class Actions are simply "groups of people suffering similar harm or losses caused by corporate misconduct, consumer frauds, defective products, business frauds and discrimination." Virtually every consumer has been the victim of a scheme or corporate practice which caused tangible economic harm, but the amount simply did not justify the expense of legal action, even though the corporate wrongdoer reaped large profits over time from these recurring transgressions. Class actions provide a mechanism by which one or several persons may sue on behalf of a large group thereby providing an effective remedy for the group without incurring the costs associated with hundreds of separate lawsuits.

Class Action claims can be complex and are viewed as a unique and challenging beast to many businesses, consumers and legal professionals alike. Our attorneys have experience in prosecuting class action cases and have done so successfully in the fields of insurance, finance, consumer rights and other areas of law. Each time we have advanced the collective rights of litigants who individually lacked the ability to bring their opponent into court. Our goal is to pursue class actions, where appropriate and necessary, to advance the cause of not only the individual class representative but also those similarly situated who are likewise deserving of recovery.

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