Nerve Injuries From IVs Malpractice Attorneys

Placement of an IV and the withdrawal of blood both require the puncture of a vein (venipuncture). This involves placing a needle through the arm, foot, neck or other parts of the body. In doing so, it is important to avoid contact with nerves.

The radian, ulnar and median nerves run close to the surface of the skin (superficial) in certain areas of the inner wrist and elbow. These areas should be avoided when placing an IV because of the increased risk of contacting or damaging the nerves. Other important arteries are also located near the inner elbow and puncturing these arteries can also cause serious injury.

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IV Needle Contact With Nerves and IV Insertion Injuries

Patients who experience nerve damage from placement of an IV or other venipuncture usually describe a similar experience — a shocking sensation when the needle is inserted. When this occurs, it is important for the nurse to remove the IV and locate it in another area. If the nurse dismisses the patient's complaint and continues to place the IV in the same site, nerve damage can occur. Such an injury is typically followed by prolonged pain, burning and possibly numbness or loss of function. Some nerve injuries can require long term pain management.

Long-term Nerve Damage From IVs

The nerve damage caused by IV insertion and/or venipuncture can be permanent and severe. Some patients lose feeling in hand and through arm or experience periodic or constant burning sensations. IV nerve damage can also occur in the central nervous system line and in the neck, but usually occurs in the arm and hand. Patients can also experience nerve damage with PICC line insertion above the elbow.

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