Pharmacy and Medication Error Attorneys

The increased number of patients receiving medications through IVs coupled with hospital staff reductions can be a deadly combination. Nurses and hospital pharmacists must dispense the correct medication via IV, but this job becomes harder when they are pressed for time or inadequately trained. Unfortunately, more and more IV treatment mistakes and medication errors are occurring. IV medication errors and medication dosage errors can have serious and even fatal consequences.

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Hospital Regulations and a Decline in Patient Care

Medical professionals admit that the demands of the health care business are increasingly more difficult to meet. Often, for-profit hospitals keep their labor costs down by reducing the number of nurses on staff and may result in hasty decisions or a decline in the level of patient care. Inattentive or overworked nurses and understaffed hospitals and pharmacies can create a rise in medication errors.

Medication Dosage Errors

Hundreds of new medications and treatment regimens become available each year. Unfortunately, mistakes happen because medical providers do not receive adequate continuing medical education on new treatments. Other errors may occur due to simple mistakes like confusing drug names which sound alike but have very different properties, or administering .25 mg instead of .025 mg. Unfortunately, even simple mistakes can have life changing consequences.

Casualties and Injury Caused by Pharmacy and Medication Error

Because medicine administered via IV enters the blood stream almost immediately, most mistakes are irreversible and the consequences are extremely severe. While hospitals have regulations and procedures to ensure due diligence and proper care, negligence can still result in serious injury, including wrongful death. In medical malpractice claims, Burnside Law Firm LLP believes it is important to examine the following:

  • Was the patient given the right drug?
  • Was the medication administered to the right patient?
  • Was the patient given the proper dosage?
  • Was the medication administered on time or too early?
  • Was the IV properly placed?
  • Was the IV monitored to ensure accuracy?

If your loved one received the wrong medication, or the right medication in the wrong dosage, and suffered an unexpected injury or death, please contact Burnside Law Firm LLP to learn more about your right to bring a claim. Our attorneys work with medical professionals and IV experts who can investigate your case and determine if the injury was the result of malpractice.

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