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IV Infiltration Injury Attorneys

As attorneys who focus on IV injuries, we have seen this common and necessary medical procedure lead to serious injury and death. If you or a loved one have suffered an injury due to IV Infiltration or other IV related injuries, we would like to help. This website provides information about IV injuries that you may find helpful as you begin to explore your legal options.

If you have additional questions or need assistance pursuing a legal case related to your IV injuries, Burnside Law Firm LLP, can help. We have the resources necessary to investigate your claim and obtain the compensation you need and deserve.

Understanding IV Therapy

IV therapy is extremely common now and allows doctors and medical professionals to administer fluids and medications quickly and effectively. Since medications delivered by IV enter the system intravenously, doctors are able to monitor medication levels, swiftly deliver appropriate fluids, and quickly address the needs of a patient. Unfortunately, as with all medical technologies, there are risks. IV therapy can result in serious injury, including burns, nerve damage, heart and brain damage, wrongful death and other catastrophic injuries.

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At Burnside Law Firm LLP, we focus on helping individuals who suffer serious injuries and wrongful death caused by improper IV infiltration and IV therapy. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of IV therapy and IV medical practices. We have unique access to medical professionals who are experts in the area of IV therapy and are able to assist with IV related litigation. Burnside Law Firm LLP has a solid record of results and returning significant settlements and verdicts for - clients. We are prepared to assist victims of IV injury caused by:


    Expert Resources and Extensive Knowledge of Complex Medico-legal Disputes

    Any medico-legal dispute can quickly become very complex. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge in this particular area of medical law and have made significant recoveries for victims and families. In the cases we accept, we typically collaborate with national experts, including nurses, doctors, and administrators who know the standards of care regarding IV therapy. We are knowledgeable, professional, and responsive to the needs of every client and every case we take.

    Our priority is to make the best of very unfortunate circumstances and provide a helping hand when you need it most. We offer consistent and direct communication, understanding the trials and difficulties faced by our clients. You can trust that we will provide honest, informative, and professional counsel through the final resolution of your case.

    If you suspect medical negligence or have observed symptoms of IV injury, do not hesitate to contact our Augusta, Georgia, medical malpractice lawyers. We offer experienced, strategic advocacy in cases involving IV injury and IV infiltration. Call 800-569-1937 or contact us by e-mail for an initial consultation.