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Georgia Child Premises Liability and Attractive Nuisance Law

When your child goes on to another person's property with permission, they are usually an "invitee" under Georgia law. The owner of the premises owes a duty to invitees to protect them against foreseeable harm. That means if an owner can reasonably foresee a dangerous condition, he must exercise reasonable care to protect against injury by that condition. If he fails to do so, he or she can be held negligent for any injuries to your child that are a result of the dangerous condition.

Even if the child was a trespasser, an owner can be held liable under the "attractive nuisance" doctrine. Some dangerous conditions which pose foreseeable harm to young children include: swimming pools, low/reachable objects that are hot, sharp, electrically charged, chemicals/bleach, hidden dangers, open gates/doors to busy streets or dangerous work areas, open windows/balconies, accessible industrial equipment or medicine containers, pinch points, etc. Reasonable care should be exercised to protect children against these and other potentially harmful conditions.

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Protection for Children

Under Georgia case law, those who own or control property owe a duty to children because they lack the ability to foresee and avoid dangers. Therefore, property owners must take reasonable measures to keep premises safe and free of dangers.

In a recent case our skilled premises liability attorneys accepted, a 3-year-old child was playing in a gym during his brother's basketball game. One of the metal bleachers was missing a protective covering on the end, leaving an exposed jagged edge about head high. The bleacher struck the child, slicing his forehead. The injury required numerous stitches and caused residual keloid scarring. There, the owner knew of the condition and failed to exercise reasonable care to keep the premises safe and protect against foreseeable injuries. He should be responsible for the pain and suffering experienced by the young child, his present and future medical expenses and the permanent disfigurement caused by the scarring.

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