Augusta Negligent Driving Claim Lawyers

Negligent Driving Claims under FTCA

If you were injured by the negligent driving of a federal government employee, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries and medical expenses through the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) which governs injury claims against the United States and government employees.

At the Augusta, Georgia law firm of Burnside Law Firm LLP, our attorneys handle claims against government employees for automobile collisions, motorcycle wrecksbicycle and pedstrian accidents and other personal injuries caused by negligent federal employees. We fight for full compensation for our clients. Our combination of experience and knowledge gives us the ability to move our client's claim forward in a timely and aggressive manner.

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Examples of Negligent Driving Claims Against the Government

We help people receive the compensation they need and deserve after being injured in an accident caused by a negligent driver. We handle cases involving federal employees such as:

  • Postal workers
  • Corps of Engineers employees
  • Army employees serving at Fort Gordon and other installations
  • Civil Service employees

Our attorneys investigate the accident just as we would any auto accident, interviewing witnesses, consulting accident reconstruction experts and analyzing the scene. We gather all required documentation and file the completed Standard Form 95 — the form required for claims under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

Our thorough knowledge of the FTCA allows us to evaluate your case quickly and determine your eligibility to file a claim. Although most claims that could be brought against private parties can also be brought against the government, there are several exceptions. Our lawyers can tell you whether your case would constitute one of the exceptions.

If you were injured by the negligent driving of a federal employee, contact our law firm to learn if you have a case. If you are injured in an Athens Georgia  Auto Accident, you may call us at 706-227-4264 or our Augusta, Georgia office at 706-432-8320 to schedule a free initial consultation.