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If you or someone you love has suffered a serious brain or head injury because of an accident, life rarely will return to normal. Most people suffering from a traumatic brain injury or closed head injury will have to deal with a lifetime of physical and mental problems. At the law office of Burnside Law Firm in Augusta, Georgia, we represent people throughout Georgia who have been injured in an accident.

For anyone who has suffered a serious brain injury, he or she can attest to the lifetime of problems that must be dealt with. This is not an easy task. The rehabilitation and medical care needed to overcome a brain injury will require the help of professionals, which can quickly overwhelm a person's financial resources. To learn more about filing a personal injury claim after suffering from a brain injury, contact one of our lawyers for a free initial consultation.

Representing Head Injury Victims Since 1978

When going up against major insurance companies who have a vested interest in denying your claim, it is important to hire a team of professionals capable of advancing your interests. Our firm is an experienced and established law firm that is capable of hiring a team of economists and life-care planners to determine the exact extent of your financial damages. This is an expensive process that we are capable of handling for injured clients.

Our lawyers understand the importance of resolving these issues promptly and professionally. We know that all you want is the financial compensation necessary to move on with your life. That is why we take a diligent approach to resolve your brain injury claim caused by a:

Have you or a loved one suffered a seriously head injury, brain damage, coma, amnesia or a concussion because of an accident? If so, you should contact an attorney at the Augusta, Georgia, law firm of Burnside Law Firm for a free initial consultation.

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