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Learning how to navigate through life with a serious back or spinal cord injury can be difficult and expensive. Many times, people never fully recover and must learn how to cope with their disability. At the Burnside Law Firm in Augusta, Georgia, our attorneys represent individuals who have suffered back and spinal cord injuries on account of the negligence of others. Our goal is to help them recover the compensation needed to begin moving forward with life.

The location of your spinal cord injury may mean the difference between life and death. One type of accident may lead only to a slight back injury, whereas another type of spinal cord injury may cause paralysis like quadriplegia or paraplegia. Our firm will employ a team of experts to investigate your accident in order to determine the exact extent of your damages. To learn more about obtaining compensation for your spinal cord injury, contact one of our lawyers for a free initial consultation.

Fighting for the Rights of People Suffering a Spinal Cord Injury

It is important to seek the compensation that you deserve because a back or spinal cord injury can lead to a lifetime of medical care and physical pain. These injuries may lead to further medical complications that will have to be addressed as time goes on. These medical treatments will not be cheap, so it is important to hire an expert who will be able to provide an accurate estimate as to the amount of money you will need to cope with your injuries.

At the law office of Burnside Law Firm, we are in the business of fighting for the rights of people injured in accidents. Since 1978, our firm has made it its mission to help injured people get the compensation that they need to cope with spinal cord injuries caused by:

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