Understanding Your Rights Under ERISA

Augusta GA Long Term Disability LawyersProviding peace of mind to employees that can no longer work or fulfill their job responsibilities as a result of illness or an accident, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) is a federal law that was passed in 1974. The idea behind ERISA is to ensure that employers and insurance companies remain honest regarding their practices, while establishing minimum standards for health and pension. In the state of Georgia, an ERISA disability policy is usually effective for 24 months, assuming that individuals are unable to perform their previous job duties. However, many ERISA disability claims are denied. What’s more is that for those that are approved, their benefits through ERISA might be cut off if they are able to work at different type of job.To best understand your long-term disability rights, including how and when filing an appeal, a qualified and well-established attorney with special knowledge in ERISA appeals is necessary to obtain a favorable outcome for your case.

When an accident or unforeseen illness has occurred, employees deserve the benefits that were promised to them by their employer. While this appears straightforward, claims for long-term disability are denied everyday, particularly when governed by complex federal legislation such as ERISA. When this happens, timing and other special details must be considered in order to file an appropriate appeal. In particular, documentation supporting the claim must be on point. Given that there’s a window of time (180 days, for instance) to submit reports and additional information to strengthen a claim, it’s critical to make the best use of time by contacting an ERISA disability claims attorney that understands all of the nuances involved in the appeals process.

The Burnside Law Firm has been helping individuals appeal denied claims for many years. We understand the importance of establishing a perfect record of documentation, and we are willing to go beyond what’s needed in order to strengthen the validity of a claim. This might mean working with rehabilitation or vocational rehab specialists to obtain documentation, as well as obtaining a narrative report to build a better claim.

Do you need help understanding your rights under ERISA? Has your disability claim been denied? Call Burnside Law Firm, LLP, in Augusta for the experienced legal guidance that you need and deserve.

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