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Surgical Errors

While physicians and medical staff adhere to standard protocols when performing surgical procedures, there are a number of errors that may occur beyond what’s considered “acceptable risks,” which are possible during any type of surgery. As such, a patient is usually asked to sign a waiver or implied consent before surgery to demonstrate their understanding and acceptance of certain known risks such as heart attack or stroke. Continue Reading

Motorcycle Accidents

While motorcycle accidents have seen a decline (both state wide and nationally) over the past few years, one thing remains certain—in the event of an accident, motorcyclists are nearly 30 times more likely to die than those traveling in automobiles. Furthermore, there are several contributing factors that heighten one’s risk of becoming seriously hurt or killed on a motorcycle. The Governors Highway Safety Association lists the following: weather, helmet use, impaired riding, speed and unendorsed or uninsured riders. In regards to helmet usage, Georgia is one of 28 states that requires only some motorcyclists to wear a helmet. Continue Reading

Workers’ Compensation: What You Should Know

To help injured individuals return to work, Workers’ Compensation laws offer a range of services, from medical benefits to rehabilitation support and supplemental income. Of course, the type of support provided depends upon the circumstances of each workers’ compensation case. To help develop your understanding of Workers’ Compensation in Georgia, here’s what you should know. Continue Reading

Injured In A Car Wreck With An Uninsured Driver?

No one expects to be involved in a car crash, yet even the most focused drivers can end up being knocked sideways or pushed into another vehicle. Suppose this happens, and in the aftermath of the impact, you discover that you are seriously injured or that your vehicle is heavily damaged. Imagine the frustration when you find out that the driver who caused the accident is uninsured. Who will pay for vehicle repairs? Most importantly, who will be responsible for medical care? Continue Reading

When a Child is Injured by a Dog

Many children are not able to discern a threatening or dangerous dog. For this reason, a child might approach a dog without caution, leading to an attack. In another case, the breed of the dog and its aggressive nature may result in an attack for no apparent reason. Even so, dog attacks can occur with any size or breed, and unfortunately, children are most vulnerable. Continue Reading

Involved In A Boating Accident?

While most Georgia school systems are heading back to school, many recreational boaters continue to enjoy the warm summertime temperatures with time spent on nearby lakes. However, not everyone is an experienced boater, and many are ill prepared for a boat collision or accident, not to mention severe weather and other unfamiliar conditions. What’s more is that some operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol. Given the unpredictable nature of boating accidents and the circumstances surrounding them, it’s important to contact an experienced and trusted personal injury and/or admiralty and maritime attorney if you’ve been involved in a boating accident. Continue Reading