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When you enter into a rental agreement for an apartment or home, you rightfully expect to reside in an environment where safety and security are paramount. Beyond mere expectations, it is the landlord’s legal obligation to ensure that the premises meet certain safety standards and are reasonably secure for tenants. This duty encompasses various aspects of property management, including maintaining structural integrity, addressing safety hazards and implementing adequate security measures. However, if you find yourself injured due to the landlord’s negligence in fulfilling these responsibilities, you have the legal right to pursue a landlord liability claim to seek compensation for your injuries and related damages.

At Burnside Law Firm, we recognize the importance of holding landlords accountable for their duty to provide a safe living environment for tenants. Our team of personal injury lawyers has extensive experience handling premises liability cases, including those involving landlord negligence. When dealing with landlord liability claims, we take a meticulous approach to investigating the circumstances surrounding the injury. This investigation may involve assessing the property’s security features, evaluating past incidents or complaints related to safety, and examining any relevant contractual agreements or local housing regulations.

Landlord Liability Claims Lawyers

One crucial aspect of landlord liability claims is understanding your legal rights despite potential pushback from the property owner or insurance adjuster. Landlords and insurers may attempt to downplay their liability or shift blame onto other parties. However, with our experienced legal team on your side, we will advocate for your rights and work diligently to build a strong case in your favor. This includes gathering evidence, consulting experts when necessary, and negotiating with the opposing parties to secure a fair settlement or pursuing litigation if needed to achieve the compensation you deserve.

By partnering with Burnside Law Firm, you can have confidence that your Athens, GA, landlord liability claim will be handled with the utmost professionalism and dedication to securing a favorable outcome. We prioritize our clients’ well-being and strive to provide comprehensive legal guidance and representation throughout the entire claims process. Contact us today for a confidential consultation to discuss your case and explore your legal options moving forward.

What is Landlord Liability?

Did you suffer an injury at your apartment complex or rented home? Our legal team can help you understand landlord liability and whether or not you have grounds for a claim. Landlords are legally obligated to maintain their property so it is safe and suitable for human habitation. A landlord liability lawsuit can be filed when residents or even visitors get hurt as a direct result of a landlord’s negligence in performing the following:

  • Proper Maintenance of Common Areas: Landlords must regularly inspect and maintain common areas such as hallways, stairwells, parking lots and recreational spaces. This includes ensuring proper lighting, addressing potential trip hazards, repairing damaged surfaces and maintaining functional security features.
  • Warning of Hidden Dangers: Landlords should inform tenants of any hidden dangers on the property of which they are (or should be) aware. This can include lead paint hazards, mold growth, structural weaknesses or pest infestations. Providing adequate warnings allows tenants to take necessary precautions and avoid potential harm.
  • Safe, Furnished Dwellings on Short-Term Leases: For properties offered as furnished dwellings on short-term leases, landlords must ensure that the furnishings and amenities provided meet safety standards. This includes checking for fire safety compliance, maintaining electrical and gas systems in good working order, and providing functional appliances that do not pose a risk to tenants.
  • Regular Safety Inspections: Regular safety inspections of rental units and common areas are essential to identify and address potential hazards promptly. Landlords should keep records of these inspections and any maintenance or repairs carried out as part of their due diligence in ensuring tenant safety.
  • Compliance with Building Codes and Regulations: Landlords must comply with local building codes, health regulations and safety standards applicable to rental properties. This includes ensuring proper ventilation, adequate heating and cooling systems, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and adherence to accessibility requirements for individuals with disabilities.
  • Emergency Response and Communication: Landlords should establish clear procedures for responding to emergencies such as fires, floods or other disasters. Providing tenants with emergency contact information and instructions can help mitigate risks and facilitate swift action during critical situations.
  • Educating Tenants on Safety: Landlords can also promote tenant safety by providing educational materials or conducting safety workshops on topics like fire prevention, emergency preparedness and security measures.

Contact a Landlord Negligence Attorney in Athens

Whether you tripped and fell on broken stairs outside your condo or your child got sick from harmful mold inside your apartment, a landlord negligence attorney at Burnside Law Firm is prepared to help you navigate your case. We will fight for your rights and use proven legal strategies to help hold the guilty party accountable for their negligence. Our experienced attorneys understand how to help clients obtain fair and full compensation for their losses, which may include medical bills, lost wages, mental anguish, emotional suffering and more. Contact our Athens law firm today for your consultation.

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We have recovered tens of millions in settlements and verdicts

The attorneys at Burnside Law Firm LLP have over 30 years of collective experience handling personal injury claims. Over that time, we have helped hundreds of injured people recover the compensation they deserve and need in order to begin putting their lives back together. This list is just a sample of the recoveries we have obtained for some of our clients here and during our time at our former firm, Burnside Wall LLP. Obviously, success in obtaining significant judgments and settlements for other clients is no guarantee of success in your case. Each case must be evaluated and handled based on the individual merits of that particular case. To discuss the facts of your case and learn more about your legal rights, contact one of the personal injury attorneys at Burnside Law Firm LLP for a free initial consultation.

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Thomas R. Burnside III Personal Injury Attorney

Thomas R Burnside III

Thomas R. Burnside III is a personal injury lawyer who focuses his law practice on the representation of individuals who have suffered injury as a result of automobile collisions, trucking accidents, medical malpractice, work related accidents or other causes. With over 20 years of experience in personal injury law at both the trial and appellate court levels, Attorney Burnside has represented people with brain and head trauma...

Meet Thomas Burnside
Garon Muller Personal Injury Attorney

Garon Muller

Garon Muller is a trial lawyer who focuses his law practice on the representation of individuals who have been seriously injured or damaged through the negligence or recklessness of others, including automobile collisions, workplace injuries, premises injuries, or defective products. Before beginning his practice in the representation of injured individuals, Mr. Muller served the community as an Assistant District Attorney...

Meet Garon Muller
Robert MacGregor

Robert MacGregor

Robert MacGregor is an experienced trial attorney licensed to practice law in Georgia and South Carolina. At the Burnside Law Firm, Robert devotes his practice to protecting the rights of individuals who have been injured because of someone else’s carelessness, negligence, or recklessness and represents those who have been injured in automobile collisions or tractor-trailer accidents; because of a slip and fall; and in other general negligence actions.

Meet Robert MacGregor

Ashton Revollo

Ashton is a trial lawyer in Augusta, GA who focuses his law practice on the representation of individuals who have suffered serious injuries or damages due to the negligent or reckless conduct of others, including automobile wrecks, job-related accidents, unsafe premises, or defective
products. Before beginning his practice, Ashton obtained his J.D., at Emory University School of Law, where he gained valuable courtroom experience as an intern assisting the District Attorney for DeKalb
County. After his time at Emory, Ashton received experience as a trial attorney at a respected personal injury firm in Atlanta before moving to Augusta. Over the course of his career, Ashton has assisted deserving clients in recovering millions of dollars in injury cases throughout Georgia.

Meet Ashton Revollo

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Erin Wren

After my car accident they helped me every step of the way! They were up front and answered any questions I had! They negotiated the insurance and got a higher settlement than was offered! I would definitely use them again!

Debbie Walker

In November 2017, I was in a car accident and I decided to seek out legal assistance. I chose to go with Burnside Law Firm, LLP because of their five star rating. My inital consultation was with attorney, Mr. Garon Muller. I knew immediately that I wanted Mr. Muller to take my case. His professionalism and expertise in personal injury made my decision easy. Mr. Muller maintained his professionalism throughout my case. He kept me updated on a regular basis via telephone or email. He was always available to me when I call. I did not have to wait 24 hours to get a call back from him. I would greatly recommend Mr. Muller and the Burnside Law Firm, LLP.

Rick Estep

Burnside Law Firm is who you want to represent you. Mr. Muller came to our house for a free consultation without hesitation. He guided us and overcame every obstacle we encountered. He secured the maximum insurance limits for us and we couldn't be more happy. If you are injured, DO NOT attempt to recoup compensation without the expertise of a trusted, skilled and able law firm to be your voice. THANK YOU MR. MULLER!!!

Alexander Hughes

Garon Muller with Burnside Law Firm makes client satisfaction his priority. Mr. Muller made sure that I had a lucid understanding during every discussion. He never made a decision without my input and made me feel like we were partners. Garon Muller was very professional and push for the maximum dollar amount from the insurance company. Me and my family considered ourselves blessed to have been represented by Garon Muller with Burnside Law Firm. We highly recommend Garon Muller and Burnside Law Firm! Burnside Law Firm staff are exceptional and exceeded our expectations.

Lynn Eldridge

I have known the Burnside family for many years. Recently Thomas was most helpful in getting my check following an auto collision. I highly recommend their firm.

Damien Williams

I definitely felt comfortable in there hands really good people.

Jacob Clements

Very very good law firm. Went above and beyond to make things right. Highly reccomend.

Barbara Huskinson

Burnside Law did what they said they would do. Garon Muller was great in communicating and looked out for my best interest in getting what was fair in my settlement. I would recommend Burnside to anyone.

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    2919 Professional Pkwy

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    Phone: (706) 432-8320


    325 North Milledge Avenue

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