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Daycare Injuries in Georgia

Chances are, if you’re a parent with one or more children enrolled in a Georgia daycare facility, you’ve been informed of provider and child ratios, as well as worker qualifications and regulations at some point. While accidents are sure to happen from time to time, daycares are typically required to provide parents with an incident report. Continue Reading

Slips and Falls

Falls are one of the leading causes of accidental injury. While many falls are mild and don’t do harm, in some cases, a fall is the cause of serious injury or death. Millions of people make their way to the emergency room each year because of falls, and a portion of those people are victims of an event known as a slip and fall. Continue Reading

What to Do If You Have Acquired a Preventable Infection at a Medical Facility

Many people are astonished to learn that the chances of contracting an infection or illness while in the care of a hospital are one in four, or 25%. Nearly 2 million infections reported each year are blamed on hospital or healthcare center negligence. An estimated 100,000 of those are fatal. These serious infections can be caused by viruses or bacteria from surgery or surgical instruments, catheters, IVs, injections, and ventilators. Continue Reading

I Thought My Doctor Was Supposed to Help

People go to the doctor when they need medical assistance. They expect to feel better and to have positive results from a doctor’s visit, prescription medication, or medical procedure – yet that is not always the case. While most medical professionals, doctors, nurses, etc., provide relatively good medical care, there are some who fail to live up to the “standard of care” required by their professions. Continue Reading

Work Place Accident

Almost all employers in the state of Georgia are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance generally prohibits workers from suing their employer to recover financial compensation if they are injured on the job. Under this law, workers who are injured on the job are required to file a claim against their employer’s compensation insurance. Continue Reading

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death in an Automobile Collision

With the holidays approaching, Georgia roads will become more and more congested. While the law enforcement will be out in greater numbers to try to crack down on speeding and limit the number of accidents, the truth is that every year more people are involved in serious car accidents in the state of Georgia. Continue Reading