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Injured on the Job? Our Experienced Attorneys Can Help.

Many workers are put in harm's way on a regular basis at work. Whether you have been injured while working in an office at a desk or while working in the rough conditions of a construction site, you may have the right to be compensated for your injuries suffered on-the-job.

The attorneys at Burnside Law Firm have successfully handled work accident claims for more than 30 years. To discuss your case or understand your rights, talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer at our firm. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

Help With Claims Related to On-the-Job Injuries

At the law office of Burnside Law Firm, we help clients through workers' compensation claims and third party liability claims after they are injured on the job. We help injured clients understand their rights and offer knowledgeable guidance throughout the process to obtaining benefits afforded to them under the laws of Georgia.

We handle on-the-job injury claims involving:

  • Back injuries from repeated lifting or loading/unloading
  • Carpel tunnel or other repetitive stress injuries
  • Toxic chemical exposure or occupational diseases
  • Brain or spinal cord injuries from accidents on a construction site
  • Serious injuries from car accidents that occur in the course of job duties
  • Other work-related injuries

Our law firm is dedicated to a tradition of excellence. If you come to us for help, you can trust that we will give you and your case the attention that you need and deserve to obtain results. Whether you need assistance with filing a workers' compensation claim through your employer's workers' compensation insurer or need assistance determining if other sources of compensation are available, you can be certain that we will dedicate the time, resources and attention to your case.

For experienced and dedicated legal help after being injured on the job in Richmond County or throughout Georgia, contact Burnside Law Firm and talk to an attorney.

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