Fires in Apartments or Hotels

Fires in Apartments or Hotels Injury Lawyers

If you are a victim of a fire, you can be facing substantial loss. Not only can you lose your property, you and your family can be seriously injured. When fires occur in apartment buildings or hotels, you may be able to do little to prevent them. They can be caused by negligence on the part of the owner, when it is their responsibility to keep their buildings safe. Our team at Burnside Law Firm can assist our clients who are victims of fires in apartments and hotels pursue the compensation they deserve for any injuries or losses.

Preventing fires should be a top priority of any building owner, especially apartment or hotel owners that have so many people counting on their diligence. This includes adhering to all fires codes and prevention methods and ensuring proper construction and electrical standards are maintained in the building. When negligence occurs, dozens or even hundreds of people in the hotel or apartment building can be put at risk. Not only can they be at risk for burns and smoke inhalation, escaping the building can be hazardous with falling structures and stampeding during the evacuation.

Have You Been Seriously Injured in a Hotel or Apartment Fire?

You deserve to be safe when staying in a hotel or renting an apartment in the Atlanta, Augusta and Athens areas. If you or a loved one are injured in a fire at your apartment home or while staying in a hotel, you may be able to pursue compensation through a premises liability claim. This can cover medical expenses, out-of-pocket costs, losses, wages and other financial considerations that are a result of the fire.

At Burnside Law Firm, we have served the people of Georgia since 1978 when they need legal assistance for personal injury claims. We offer no-obligation, free consultations for victims of apartment or hotel fires. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with one of our legal experts.