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Georgia Attorneys Helping Those Injured at Birth

There is no greater turmoil than learning that your child was injured at birth. What is worse is when those devastating birth injuries were the direct result of the careless or negligent actions of the doctors and medical staff overseeing the pregnancy, labor and childbirth. The law firm of Burnside Law Firm holds doctors and other medical providers accountable for their negligence.

Birth injuries and obstetric injuries are not always the result of doctor negligence. However, when a doctor provides substandard care and that results in a child being injured at birth, we can help. A medical malpractice lawsuit can help the family recover much-needed compensation, hold doctors and hospitals accountable for negligence and provide an avenue to obtain peace of mind. If your child suffered a birth-related injury, contact the lawyers at Burnside Law Firm, in Augusta, Georgia.

We fully investigate incidents of birth injuries for doctor negligence or malpractice that could have cause the injuries, such as:

  • Failure to monitor or recognize signs of fetal distress
  • Failure to detect large babies and perform a cesarean section (c-section)
  • Failure to make a timely decision to perform a c-section
  • Failure to use caution when using vacuum or forceps devices
  • Failure to provide adequate post-natal follow-up care

Making a Better Life for Your Child After a Birth Injury

Children living with a birth injury, such as cerebral palsy (CP) or erb's palsy may have a much different quality of life than other children. Our attorneys strive to obtain the compensation our clients need and deserve to ensure their child can live life to the fullest extent possible after being injured at birth. When preparing settlement demands, we take into consideration the cost of ongoing medical treatment such as speech therapy or physical therapy, life care planning, counseling, specialized home care and other long-term needs.

To find answers and learn more about how we can help with your birth injury case, contact our medical malpractice attorneys and schedule a free initial consultation.

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