Medical Malpractice Claims under FTCA

Medical Malpractice Claims under FTCA

If you were injured in a federal medical facility, or a loved one suffered wrongful death at the hands of hospital personnel, you may be entitled to compensation for medical malpractice under the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA). At Burnside Law Firm LLP, our lawyers help people injured by medical malpractice in government hospitals and clinics. We have in-depth knowledge of the provisions of the FTCA and many years of experience helping clients obtain needed payment for their pain, suffering, expenses and injuries.

The FTCA governs injury claims against the government and spells out how such claims are to be handled. At the Augusta, Georgia law firm of Burnside Law Firm LLP, our lawyers have many years of experience filing claims against the government for medical malpractice. We seek full compensation for clients who have suffered at the hands of federal medical doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel and know how to complete the process correctly. This allows us to move claims forward quickly with all required information.

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Examples of Medical Malpractice Claims Against the Government

We file medical malpractice claims for clients injured at both government and non-government medical facilities. Our experience in this area allows us to evaluate cases and advise clients about their options. Our clients come to us after they experience injuries because events such as these:

Our lawyers consult with medical experts to determine whether the government failed to adhere to the standard of care required. We investigate, reviewing medical records, consulting expert physicians and nurses and interviewing witnesses. We determine whether medical negligence occured and the nature and true cost of your resulting injuries or illness. We gather all necessary documentation and file the completed Standard Form 95 required by the Federal Tort Claims Act.

Our clients include dependents and family members of active military or military retirees who receive care at the Eisenhower Army Medical Center at Fort Gordon, Ga or the VA Hospital. If you experienced medical malpractice in a government facility, you have rights under the FTCA. Contact our Augusta attorneys at Burnside Law Firm LLP to learn how we can help by calling 706-432-8320 to schedule a free initial consultation.