Augusta Excessive Speed Lawyers

Accidents Caused by Speeding Trucks

Truck drivers who speed or travel too fast for road and weather conditions are probably the biggest cause of trucking accidents. At the Augusta, Georgia, law firm of Burnside Law Firm LLP, our lawyers know how to determine whether speed was a contributing factor in a truck accident. If speeding caused the wreck, we work hard to collect full compensation for our client. Our attorneys have years of experience with truck accident cases. We use that experience to fight for clients' rights.

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Examples of Accidents Caused by Speeding Trucks

Our cases have included people injured by excessive speed on the part of a truck driver. Examples of these accidents include the following:

  • Inability to stop and avoid a collision
  • Driving too fast on rain-slicked roads, hydroplaning
  • Jackknifing because driver lost control
  • Tipping because driver lost control of overloaded truck while speeding
  • Colliding with the car ahead
  • Losing control and leaving the roadway

Many speed-related accidents are the result of a combination of factors such as a driver hurrying to meet a delivery deadline. Speed also exaggerates the effects of other causes - brake failure combined with excessive speed is much more dangerous than brake failure at normal speeds. A tire blowout at high speed makes a truck more difficult to control than it would be at a lower speed. A fatigued driver who travels too fast is more likely to lose control of the truck.

in many cases, we investigate the driver's record for speeding violations, hire an accident reconstructionist, videotape the site and examine the damage to the truck to find evidence of excessive speed. We interview witnesses and speak with first responders. We review the driver's log to see if the trip mileage was consistent with posted speed limits. Where we determine that excessive speed was a contributing factor to the accident that resulted in our client's injuries, we work hard to recover full compensation for our client's medical expenses, lost income and damages for personal injuries.

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