Augusta Overloaded Truck Lawyers

Accidents Caused by Overloaded Trucks

Overloaded trucks are a hazard on the highways. At the Augusta, Georgia, law firm of Burnside Law Firm LLP, our attorneys help people who have suffered catastrophic injuries because of an accident caused by an overloaded or improperly loaded truck. We help them obtain compensation for their pain, suffering, medical bills, lost income and other costs of the accident. We have many years of experience with truck accident cases. Let us put that experience to work for you.

If you have been injured in a trucking accident, find out whether overloading was a factor. Speak with an attorney who can advise you about your rights and your options. Contact Burnside Law Firm in Augusta, Georgia, to schedule a free initial consultation. Call us toll-free at 800-569-1937.

Examples of Overloaded Truck Accidents

The weight that an 18-wheeler can carry is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and by the state. When truck operators violate these regulations, they may be liable for accidents caused as a result of overloading. Our cases have involved truck accidents such as these:

  • Truck unable to stop, swerving or jackknifing into oncoming or adjoining traffic or rear-ending another vehicle
  • Load shifted in transit, causing truck to tip
  • Load not tied down properly, causing it to fall from trailer

Drivers of overloaded trucks may try to avoid weigh stations on interstate highways. We can determine whether the truck in question checked in at the weigh station closest to the site of the accident.

When necessary, we can investigate overload and truck accidents by hiring an accident reconstruction expert, reviewing the driver's logs, interviewing EMTs, police and firefighters, checking the bills of lading, determining who loaded the truck, videotaping the scene and checking Department of Transportation records for information about other accidents at the site. This allows us to determine whose action or inaction caused the accident and seek compensation from that party and their insurance carrier.

Speak with a lawyer who knows how to investigate accidents caused by overloaded trucks. Contact Burnside Law Firm in Augusta, Georgia. Call us toll-free at 800-569-1937 for a free initial consultation.